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This video is a demonstration on how Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center (a spiritual teaching and healing center in Salt Lake City) performs a healing on the energy body. Vickie teaches classes, does readings and healing all based on our energy system. See http://www.windsweptcenter.net for more information

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Energy Healing by Vickie Parker


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One of the secrets to making a great living doing work you love is letting go of your false identity (the source of anxiety, worry & limitation) & connecting with your true identity, who you really are. Jamie Smart share’s a powerful visual metaphor to show you how

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Discover your true identity, who you really are – Jamie Smart

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To rent this video, visit: http://www.PeacefulWarrior.com. To purchase it for your iPhone or iPod Touch, visit http://www.WisdomTitles.com

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Energizing Your Body and Life: three steps to physical and spiritual health, wellness, vitality

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