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 Today’s Brilliance: Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Dr. Ramani is a professor of psychology and the author of the upcoming You Are WHY You Eat, a new look at eating, loving, living and walking away.

Goethe famously wrote “One lives in this world but once…”

If that is the case, ask yourself, “What do I want my life to look like?” Then make it look that way. In making that journey, here are some provisions for your psychological backpack:

  • Do not  invite regret into your life. Instead, take chances, try new things, and  take the path less travelled.  Regret never dissipates, and second chances are rare.
  • Beware  of scripting your life…. Storytelling can trap us in other people’s  scripts.  Let life happen rather than forcing it to fit someone else’s idea  of what a life should look like.
  • Everything  is temporary, good feelings, bad feelings, and feelings in between.  Don’t  like how you feel today? Hang tough, it will change.
  • Failure  is good, because it kicks us into new routines, keep setting the bar a little higher, and keep learning from those mistakes.
  • Sleep. It’s the only miracle cure we have. Everything is a little easier with  some rest under your belt.
  • Stop saving for a rainy day. So many people spend so much time preparing for  the future that they miss the miracle that is unfolding in front of them.   Don’t be fiscally irresponsible but don’t let opportunities pass. Imagine  waiting 10 years to take a trip, but then that day arrives and you are too  ill to make the journey? Do it today.
  • Do what  you love and the rewards will come. They may not be financial, but it’s  easy to live in a small house if you are living a life full of meaning and purpose.
  • Spend a  little time outdoors each day, it was what we were meant to do as a species.
  • Pay  attention to the cycles of nature – moonrises, sunsets, tides, and  seasons.  They matter.
  • Put the  smart phone down and lift your head up. Spend time with people. Look into their eyes when they talk, listen to their stories. Every person has  within them a library of knowledge and fables, and if you listen, you will  get a hell of an education. I have learned more from broken conversations  with women around the world than I have from some of my professors at  university.
  • State  your dreams out loud, once you do, you have made a promise to the universe  and will be more likely to enact it. Dreams, like music, must be shared,  but only with those ready to hear them.
  • Don’t  throw bad money after good. When something is done, walk away. Pointless  persistence is lazy.
  • Surround  yourself with people who are advocates, who help your dreams take flight,  who watch you make mistakes quietly, and who love you afterwards. Quietly  split off from those who silence your dreams, clip your wings, and keep  you on the ground.
  • Travel.    Each time you do, you open a chamber in your heart you did not know  existed.
  • Watch  children play. Every baby is an existential scholar, more mindful and present than any Buddha.


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