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How to Change Anything in an Instant

By Aine Belton

Your relationship with your future affects not only where you are heading and where you will end up, but where you are right now!

Your future is always influencing your present. The good news is you can choose the future you wish to influence you, and allow it to change you right now!

In shifting your future orientation you can alter your current state radically. By connecting to your optimum future you create a pathway to that future which, by law of resonance, changes you now.

The means to getting there are the qualities of being there.” ~ Lazaris

As a practical example, if your employer was sending you on a trip to either Hawaii, or to a dingy town with high crime rates, you’d experience very different states in anticipation of your trip.

When you connect to your future at a level where you experience that future’s existence in the present, you engage all the qualities of that future and align your vibration to it, creating a bridge to that future that acts as a portal for its manifestation in your world.

Dwelling from, not upon, the future you desire is the fastest way to change absolutely everything.” ~ Mike Dooley

Just think about. If you knew you could not fail, that your future was filled with dreams-come-true and that your heart’s desires would inevitably manifest, how would you be feeling right now? Pretty good! You’d be feeling the very feelings of that luminous future (which is the key to its manifestation in the present).

Imagine the joy, confidence, peace, expectancy, freedom, excitement, security and so on. These feelings can be the result of future causation, created by the connection to that very future’s existence, energy and essence, and can serve to attract that future into your reality now.

Essentially, time and space are an illusion. The future you desire already exists. Instead of trying to imagine what that future will be like from your present, you can travel to that future and experience it for real.

You can use future causation to ‘drop into your reality’ your desired dreams and visions and accelerate their manifestation.

This has been one of the most profound techniques I have used. The insights I have received in connecting to a desired future in this way have gone beyond the limits of my present imagination or what I would have consciously contrived.

I have been gifted with information and states of being that have been way ‘outside the box’ and have changed me and my reality in the present. This is why I call it Future Causation for it can transform your present state of vibration in an instant; change your energy and you change your world.

What is most important is connecting with your intention, to the energy and essence of that brightest future, even if you are as yet unclear of what that future will look like or what you desire it to be.

This is helpful when you are still formulating your dream life, as it enables you to start attracting your brightest future by connecting to the energy of that future, and in such aligning your vibration to it to set the law of attraction into action.

All futures are possible, yet some are more probable than others depending on your current energetic patterns, stories, tendencies and leanings. Don’t let those leanings be the worn out tracks of your past. Decide on a bright future and let it be the light that leads the way.

Connect to that future you, create a relationship with it, develop a gateway by communicating with that future and holding a vision in your heart and mind, and allow it to have voice in your world today.

What kind of decisions would that future you make? How would they think, feel and be? What solutions would they find? Successes create? Challenges overcome? And so on.

Practice stepping into your future on a regular basis. Hold a ‘future perspective’ when making decisions, setting goals or dealing with challenges.

What would that future you, the healed, empowered, loving, successful self that you are becoming, think, feel and be? Connect to that future and allow it to have voice in your world today in the thoughts, feelings and actions you choose.

Visualizing the outcome of your goals vividly, and as much the essence as the form (i.e. the feelings and qualities of your goal as well as tangible characteristics), is one way to activate future causation. Instead of ‘trying’ to imagine your outcome, however, relax deeply or enter a meditative state and allow yourself to journey to it/step into it ‘for real’.

You can also enter a meditation and meet your brightest future. Set that intention, imagine yourself in a safe place in nature (such as beach, meadow or grove), and allow your optimum future self to come to you. Don’t worry or think too much about what they look like, if they’re much older than you or not or whether you can visualize them clearly or not, for it’s the energy and essence that’s important here, not the form.

When they come to sit or stand opposite you, get a sense of them. What do they feel like to you? How are they different from you in terms of their energy and what you can sense? What stands out about them? Do you get certain thoughts, feelings, images or ideas?

Open your heart and get a feel for them and their presence. You can ask them for advice and insight or simply experience them and allow them to fill you with their gifts, energy, inspiration, guidance and qualities.

Perhaps you imagine light flowing from them into you – into your heart, or mind, or flowing from their hands to yours. At the end of the meditation let them merge and become one with you. The more you practise this, the easier it gets and the more profound the experience will become.

You may receive healing transformations, flashes of insight and inspiration, new perspectives and visions and wonderful feelings of love, joy, freedom, empowerment and clarity.


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Life either happens to us, or we take hold of life and live it. Here are 10 ways to start living your life by Liz Strauss

  1. “Give yourself permission to claim your life. You’re the only one who can decide you’re in charge of your life. Turn off the editors, the “shoulds, have tos, and musts”, and the rules that didn’t come from you.
  2. Define what living means to you. Picture yourself at the end of your life looking back. What words would you want to describe how you lived and who you are?
  3. Stop living in the future. Every time you think “when I have time I will,” stop. Ask yourself, “Why not now?” Choose your life every morning.
  4. Surround yourself with people who enjoy living. They’ve obviously discovered how to have live. Why not hang with the pros?
  5. Lay down your pain and your anger. Carrying them around makes living harder and less fun. It doesn’t bring anything, and it steals a lot.
  6. Let the other guy win. Don’t argue about things that you don’t care about. Unless there’s a threat, let folks prove what they need to prove. Why waste living time trying to fix what doesn’t matter?
  7. Create energy. Jump to forgiveness and love, then figure things out. Most conclusions we imagine are both wrong and negative. Negative conclusions lead us to prepare a defence. Being defensive isn’t living. It’s hiding from life.
  8. Learn the physical symptoms of when your head and heart become disconnected. We know when we’re behaving badly. Key into to how it feels physically. Know the symptoms, and you can stop the behaviours. Living will feel safer because you won’t be shooting yourself in the foot.
  9. Take small risks that push your boundaries in every way. When we stretch just a bit intellectually, physically, emotionally, we grow. Living is growing. Even our cells know that.
  10. Value and protect the people and places you care about. Let the people you care about come first, and let everyone know that you do. Re-read numbers 1 and 2.”

It took me a long time to understand that – my life isn’t what happens to me, that we are Spiritual beings inside a physical body. We have the capacity to create our life using the power o our free will to choose things we truly want to experience.


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